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Gotcha™ CRD MP Rescue Kit

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Gotcha™ CRD MP Rescue Kit

A constant rate 100m multi purpose descent
device suitable for rescue and evacuation with
remote attachment frog and pole. For operators
who require evacuation and Gotcha™ post fall
rescue in one kit.

This kit is suitable for evacuation and rescue from
high structures where constant rate lowering and
minimal user input are required.

It is also suitable for rescue from vertical
situations where you can access the casualty with
the Gotcha™ pole and frog.

Kit Contains

–  Gotcha™ Frog

–  Attachment pole

–  Rope descent and rescue controller

–  Kernmantle rope

–  Attachment sling

–  Karabiners

–  Back pack gear bag

GOTCHA Original Rescue Kit

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