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Custom embroidered clothing with a difference you’ll really notice

Seriously impressive embroidered clothing, fast turnaround and simple ordering at a very affordable price. That’s what Visual Workwear is all about.

Show us your artwork, tell us what you need and we’ll handle the rest.

Want the best looking embroidery? It’s all in the digitising

Digitising is hand-converting your artwork into a format which the embroidery machines can use, and it’s the quality of the digitisation which makes a big, BIG difference to the final result. If the digitising is bad, the embroidery is bad.

That’s why your artwork will be hand-digitised by our in-house digitising team. They’ll use stitch styles, colour blending and even certain stitch angles to reflect light in just the right way. Yes, that’s really how detailed we get!

This expert digitising costs anywhere between $20 + GST upwards depending on the stitch count of the logo and is a one off fee.

Once your logo has been digitised, we will run a sample for your approval before progressing with your order on your selected garments

Call one of our team now to discuss your embroidery requirements