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100 Litre Corrosive Safety Cabinet MAX-CC100

100 Litre Corrosive Safety Cabinet MAX-CC100

  • 2,26300

Product Code: MAX-CC100

Unit: each

Product Description:
✔ 2 doors, 1 shelves
✔ Under bench metal cabinet
✔ For added protection additional undercoat etch is used before high gloss powder coat finish
✔ Sequential door closing mechanism
✔ Key lock door handles and three point latch locking
✔ Adjustable levelling feet
✔ Double walled thermal barrier
✔ Built-in flash arrester and vent opening
✔ Doors open 180 degress for easy shelf removal
✔ Optional earthing point and cable provided
✔ Polyethylene spill collection trays on each shelf and in sump to protect against accidental spills and leaks
✔ Adjustable shelf height
✔ Built to comply with Australian Standards 3780

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