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3M™ 2128 Filter Disc Particulate GP2 OV/AG 2000

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3M™ 2128 Filter Disc Particulate GP2 OV/AG 2000

Pair of GP2 Particulate Filters to suit 3M™ Reusable Respirators (part number 2128).

The 3M 2128 GP2 respirator filters are excellent for use when in contact with particles generated by welding, fabricating or grinding.

  • Protection against Particulates, Ozone and Nuisance Level* Acid Gas and Organic Vapours with low vapour pressure
  • GP2 filter rating
  • The 2128 filters have 3M high performance filter media for high efficiency filtration
  • Dual filters with a slim profile for low breathing resistance
  • Suitable for use with 3M™ 6000/7500 Series Half Face Respirators and 3M™ 6000/7000 Series Full Face Respirators
  • For use when creating welding fume, ozone, polishing and grinding particles when welding or fabricating.

 The 3M 2128 GP2 filters offer highly efficient filtration against Particulates, Organic Vapours with low vapour pressure and Nuisance Level Acid Gases*. The twin 2128 respirator filters are ideal for use when dangerous welding fume, ozone, polishing and grinding particles are generated. Common applications where these particles may be present include welding and fabrication work, highlighting the vital nature of respiratory protection.

The lightweight 2128 filters attach easily to the 3M 6000/7500 series half face mask and 3M 6000/7000 series full face respirators by connecting to the bayonet connection system for precise and secure locking.

Electrostatically charged fibres in each filter ensure that dangerous particles are trapped inside the filter, preventing them from reaching your lungs. It is important to regularly inspect your filters, as any damage will limit their effectiveness.

When wearing your respirator for long hours, a well-balanced mask is essential. The 3M reusable respirators feature a dual filter setup, which evenly distributes weight and allows for a smoother breathing experience with reduced exhalation resistance.

*Nuisance levels are those levels below the Safe Work Australia Exposure Standards.

3M™ 2135 Filter Disc Particulate P2/P3 (Pair) # M2135


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