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Barrier Tape "Caution" 100m x 75mm (Yellow) BTCY100X75

Barrier Tape "Caution" 100m x 75mm (Yellow) BTCY100X75

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Barrier Tape "Caution" 100m x 75mm (Yellow) BTCY100X75

Application: Use to barricade incident/accident areas and prevent access

· Deploy around emergency areas or incidents to warn personnel of an incident.
· Durable UV stable tape use indoors or outdoors in workshops, factories and worksites.

Use this yellow caution tape to cordon off  areas and prevent any unauthorised access. The high visibility yellow and black barrier tape is ideal for all people to easily identify hazardous areas and to keep unauthorised personnel safely out of the way. 

  • Yellow and black caution tape is non-adhesive and is available as either a 50m, 100m or 300m roll.
  • The tape width is 7.5cm.
  • Barrier tape is ideal to carry in emergency response kits.
  • Easily recognised – warns people of potential hazards.
  • Lightweight, easy to use and re-usable. 

This caution tape features a yellow background with the word CAUTION in black repeated along the tape.

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