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G-Tek® 33-VRX180 General Purpose Gloves

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G-Tek® 33-VRX180 General Purpose Gloves
Product Description: G-Tek® 33-VRX180
General Purpose Gloves. The VRX Glove is a world first ultra thin single layer Polyurethane coated/reusable glove with 18 Gauge nylon liner. The combination of strength, durability and ultimate dexterity provides a better solution to the traditional Nitrile disposable use.
• Complete 360 Liquid Proof coating to the wrist area.
• Absolute Perfect Fit and control at the finger tips.
• Touch Screen compatible to allow the user to operate a touch screen phone or device without removing gloves.
• VRX “Advanced Barrier” Technology to render inactive the spread of virus and bacteria. • Individually Packed and Sealed for Hygiene.
• Wet and Dry Grip.
• Silicone Free.
• Tested Effective up to 6 wash cycles. Applications:
• Workshops/Assembly
• Lubrication Service and Maintenance
• Water Utilities/Irrigation
• Refineries, Oil and Gasworks
• First responders/Enforcement
• Border Security
• Small Parts Handling Technical Data: Nylon 18 Gauge knit liner with polyurethane coating on palm and fingers inclusive of VRX “Advanced Barrier” technology.

Sizes: XS - 2XL Packaging:
12 pairs per pack or carton of 144 pairs
G-Tek® 33-VRX180 General Purpose Gloves

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