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Galvanised Metal Double IBC Bund MAX-BP04

Galvanised Metal Double IBC Bund MAX-BP04

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Product Code: MAX-BP04

Unit: each
Size: 1320 x 2550 x 550mm H

Weight: 68 Kg

Product Description:

The MAXBund Metal Double IBC Bunded Pallet is fully compliant for storing 2 x IBC Bulk containers.  It is specifically designed for bunding flammable liquids and its tought metal construction will easily handle harsh Australian Conditions. 
✔ Tough Metal Construction
✔ Fully Galvanised
✔ Forkliftable from both sides
✔ Removable Grates for easy cleaning
✔ Complies with regulations for storage of 2 x 1000L IBC's
✔ Fully Compliant Sump Capacity - 1400L

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