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Lakeland SafeGard ES428 76 Disposable Type 5-6 Coverall (Blue)

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Lakeland SafeGard 76 Disposable Type 5-6 Coverall (Blue)

Style Number: ES428

Asbestos and Silica protective breathable Type 5 & 6 coverall constructed with 55gsm 4-layer SMMS fabric – featuring a double layer of melt-blown fibre (“MM”) to enhance hazardous dust protection whilst maintaining a high comfort level.
  • Seams are exterior stitched and bound with coated fabric to improve strength and particle filtration.
  • Fabric air-permeability is over 10 times greater than flash-spun polyethylene and microporous film laminated resulting in much higher comfort level for users.
  • Lakeland “Super-B” ergonomic styling – unique combination of three design elements to optimise fit, durability and freedom of movement

Features: Elasticated hood, waist, cuffs and ankles, Individually vacuum packed, "Super B“ pattern, Zip flap


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