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Marine Boom

Marine Boom

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MAXSorb marine booms are purpose built for absorbing and containing oil & fuel spills in marine environments.  A polypropylene absorbent within the boom absrobs petroleum-based liquids while repelling water.  This ensures the spill is absorbed efficiently and the boom remains on the surface of the water even when fully saturated with hydrocarbons.  This strenth and high level of absorbency can be utilised as a temporary oil spill barrier when joined togher.  Each boom has a number of carabiners and tying points for modular use. 

✔ Filled with 100% melt-blown polypropylene for high volume absorption
✔ Effective, economical product for rapid spill clean up
✔ Available in 2 lengths
✔ Heavy-duty stainless steel carabiner
✔ Tying point present at each end ease handling when saturated
✔ External nylon netting prevents tears and deterioration

HMB3125      3M x 125MM Diameter

HMB6125      6M x 125MM Diameter

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