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Moldex® 7600A Multi-Gas/Vapour Smart® A1B1E1K1 Cartridge (Pair) MDX-7600A

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Ideal for use with Moldex® 7000 and 9000 series respirators

Simple Is Smart:
Cartridge selection and training just got easier! Smart® Cartridge replaces up to five gas/vapour cartridges, so your workers will have one cartridge to use for most tasks. Plus the possibility of cartridge misuse is reduced.

Approved For:
Organic vapours, Ammonia, Methylamine, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Fluoride, Formaldehyde, and Hydrogen Sulfide

Smartest Cartridge In The Class:
Use with P2/P3 particulate filters against even more combinations of contaminants

  • 100% PVC-Free®
  • Multi-gas/vapour Smart® cartridge simplifies inventory
  • Approved for nine common gas/vapours
  • Cartridge selection made simpler and misuse reduced
  • Replaces up to five gas/vapour cartridges
  • For use against multi hazards in the same workplace
  • MDX-7600A


Compliance: Complies with AS/NZS 1716:2012

Moldex® Disposable P2 Respirator c/w Valve 2-Strap (Box of 10) # MDX-2300P2



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