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Moldex® 7990A P2/P3* Particulate Cartridge (Pair) MDX-7990A

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This P2/P3 respirator filter disk also protects from nuisance organic vapours and has been designed for use with Moldex half-mask and full facepiece respirators. P2/P3 + nuisance OV filter disks can be used as a stand-alone filter or can be used in conjunction with Moldex A1 organic vapours or A1B1E1K1 multi-gas/vapour smart cartridges to deliver additional particulate protection.

P2/P3 + nuisance OV filter disks are an easy-to-mount bayonet style making them simple to don and remove, whilst the low-profile, angled position of the filter disks on both half-mask and full facepiece respirators ensure a wider field of vision. Clip with a piggyback adaptor when using with other Moldex cartridges.

This particular respirator filter disk features an efficiency level of 99.97% or greater against both oil and non-oil based particulate aerosols and also offers relief from nuisance levels of organic vapours/ozone.

A P2/P3 plus nuisance organic vapours respirator filter disk protects from:

  • Mechanically or thermally generated particulates or both, e.g. metal fumes, plus relief from organic vapours below Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL).
    (P2 protection is delivered when worn with the 7000/7800 half mask respirator / P3 protection when worn with the 9000 full face respirator.)

 Examples of applications include:

Brazing, dry pesticides, fine dusts, fertilisers, foundry, fume, grinding, lead dust, lime dust, metal fume, metal machining, mist particulate, nuisance organic, ozone protection, panel beating, polishing, sanding, smelting, soldering, textiles, torch cutting, waste recycling, welding fumes.

P2/P3 + nuisance OV filter disks are sold in packs of two (1x pair per pack).


If the product is to be disposed of, it should be dismantled from the respirator and disposed of as solid waste. Please see local authority regulations for disposal advice and locations.

Moldex® Disposable P2 Respirator c/w Valve 2-Strap (Box of 10) # MDX-2300P2


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