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Moldex® 9000 Series Reusable Full Mask Respirator MDX-9000

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This full face respirator is a twin filter facepiece suitable for everyday tasks within the workplace. It combines comfort, protection and is an efficient and economic solution to protect against sparks, splash and contaminants.

Features include:

  • Lightweight facepiece
  • Over-moulded buckles for secure strap attachment and one-finger strap release
  • Completely free of metal parts
  • Stand-away head harness (cradle) for easy donning
  • Lens with scratch-resistant coating meets AS 1337 for impact protection. (1x tear-away lens protector included)
  • Over-moulded flange to lens eliminates heavy metal clamping frame for less weight and fewer parts
  • Panoramic lens with peripheral vision side panels
  • Adjustable head harness (cradle) for a custom fit
  • Wide flange which fits more facial shapes comfortably
  • Low profile, angled cartridge placement for wider field of vision
  • Integrated exhale area with attached cover for easy maintenance and inspection
  • Easy mount bayonet cartridge/filter attachment
  • Maintenance is simple with very few replacement parts
  • 100% PVC-Free
  • Certified to meet heat and flame resistance in accordance with AS/NZS 1716-2012
  • Sizes S (MDX-9001), M (MDX-9002) & L (MDX-9003)

This Moldex full-face reusable respirator is compatible with the full range of gas/vapour cartridges for these common applications and environments:

Foundries, paper, pesticides, wood products, printing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, tobacco, mining, petrochemical, aluminium processing, textiles, glass, chemical manufacturing, paint, laboratories, utilities, cement, fibreglass, coal, fertiliser, petroleum refining, oil or water-based paints, electroplating, embalming, rendering, adhesives, construction, automotive, food processing, agriculture, mining, transportation industries, ship/boat building, health services, furniture manufacturing, primary and fabricated metal.

Use this reusable respirator with a P2/P3 filter and P2/P3 cartridge for contaminants where an OSHA substance specific standard applies (asbestos, lead, cadmium, inorganic arsenic, MDA) requiring a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter as well as pharmaceutical, battery, nuclear, welding or metal processing.

Use the Moldex respirator with P2 filters for welding, grinding, machining, bagging, buffing, cement, metal working, dusty environments, foundry, mining, poultry, sanding, wood, furniture, textiles or waste processing.


Prefer a half-mask respirator?

Two half-mask respirator options are available – our standard half-mask facepiece or a premium silicone half-mask option with even higher resistance to heat and compression, together with the comfort and durability of silicone.

Facepiece excludes all filters and cartridges – these can be purchased separately.

Moldex® Disposable P2 Respirator c/w Valve 2-Strap (Box of 10) # MDX-2300P2

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