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Moldex® HandyStrap® P2 Ventex® Disposable Respirator (Box 10)

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This HandyStrap P2 valved respirator delivers P2 protection and also features a Dura-Mesh shell which resists collapsing in heat and humidity.

P2 applications include: grinding, torch cutting, sanding, metal pouring, sweeping, metal working, bagging, foundries, stone quarrying, agriculture, metal machining, construction sites, cement, ceramics, manufacturing, underground mining, timber/lumber mills, polishing, buffing, lime, poultry, textiles, welding, brazing, soldering.

P2 disposable valved respirators provide protection against mechanically and thermally generated particles – this HandyStrap style is particularly suited to drillers. The adjustable HandyStrap is made from cloth and includes a buckle, enabling the user to adjust for a custom fit and allows the respirator to hang around the neck when not in use. This in turn breaks the ‘take off and toss’ habit and results in less waste, with fewer respirators discarded unnecessarily and lower consumable costs overall.

Features of this Moldex P2 HandyStrap disposable valved respirator include:

  • A Ventex valve which lets the hot air out faster, so workers breathe easier and stay cooler, helping the mask last longer.
  • A lightweight and comfortable design – moves easily with your face and stays in place.
  • A DuraMesh shell provides bi-directional protection from dirt on the outside and moisture on the inside, resisting collapsing in heat or humidity.
  • Respirator facepiece is naturally contoured without pressure points.
  • Respirator features pinch-free moulded nose bridge with a soft foam nose cushion.
  • Softspun lining for increased comfort.
  • Adjustable HandyStrap includes buckle to enable custom fit and allows the respirator to hang around the neck when not in use.
  • All Moldex respirators are 100% PVC free.
  • This disposable respirator meets heat and flame resistance in accordance with AS/NZS 1716-2012.
  • HandyStrap P2 disposable valved respirators are sold in boxes of 10.
  • Sizes Small 2701 & Medium/Large 2700

 These Moldex P2 HandyStrap disposable valved respirators are designed as a single use respirator and therefore have no maintenance or cleaning instructions.


If the product is to be disposed of, it should be disposed of as solid waste. Please see local authority regulations for disposal advice and locations.

Moldex® Disposable P2 Respirator c/w Valve 2-Strap (Box of 10) # MDX-2300P2

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