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Moldex® MX-5 Class 5 32dB Earmuffs MDX-6120

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These MX-5 ear muffs are attractive and comfortable earmuffs with larger cup openings that have been designed to fit most ear sizes. The MX-5 features a cushion-ribbed headband for comfortable, all-day wear whilst the earmuff’s non-slip wire makes adjustments quick and easy.

MX-5 ear muffs deliver Class 5 hearing protection and are rated 32dB in the SLC80 dB(A) range*.

A hygiene kit for MX-5 earmuffs is also available, containing replacement cushions and foam inserts. It is recommended to change these components twice a year for safety and hygiene.

Key features of Moldex MX-5 ear muffs include:

  • Blue, black and green design.
  • A cushion-ribbed, open-air headband for cool comfort
    all day long.
  • The overmoulded headband is soft yet durable for easy wearing over many shifts.
  • Larger ear cushions are designed to fit almost all ear sizes comfortably.
  • The lightweight wire frame enables easy cup adjustment yet holds its position for lasting comfort.
  • Attractive and comfortable to promote worker acceptance and compliance.
  • Extra soft foam/low pressure cushions and headband are PVC-free.
  • Earmuffs have glossy  outer surface for easy cleaning and longer wear.
  • 100% PVC free construction
  • Independently tested to AS/NZS 1270-2002.
  • Sold individually or cartons of 10 earmuffs
  • 6120 Earmuff


*The SLC80 is a rating defined as the difference between the sound level of the environment in which the hearing protection device is worn, and the sound level reaching the wearer’s ears attained by 80% of users in well-managed hearing-protector programs.

Based on the minimum SLC80 rating required for a hearing protector, a Class 1-5 device can be selected. All Moldex hearing protection is independently tested to AS/NZS 1270-2002.

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