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Uvex Pheos Guard Safety Glasses

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uvex pheos guard / uvex pheos guard s

The innovative pheos guard system is a functional expansion of the successful pheos range. A winning combination of pheos spectacles, extra frame and headband. The comfortable frame creates a close seal to protect from particle ingress and splashes. Top choice for working environments with dust exposure due to combination of anti-fog coated lenses and extra frame Headband can be added and suitable for working at heights or in confined spaces. Also aids compatibility with other items of PPE.

The uvex pheos guard s model is specially designed for narrower heads. The s-system comprises pheos s safety spectacles, an additional pheos s frame and a pheos headband.

9192-304G, -305G & -307G - coated with uvex supravision HC/AF

9192-200G & 9192-201G - small version coated with uvex supravision HC/AF

9192-310G & 9192-311G - coated with uvex THS superior anti-fog

Uvex Pheos Safety Spectacle

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