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Uvex Ultravision Safety Goggles

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uvex ultravision

Comfortable, ergonomically designed full vision safety goggle with unrestricted side visibility provided by 180* panorama lens. Available with different lenses and lens coatings. Also available as welding safety goggle , special gastight / flame retardant safety goggle edition, faceguard safety goggle.

9301-304, -305, -323, -324, -363, -603, -620 - coated with uvex supravision HC/AF

9301-614, -618, -624, -626, -628, -820 - coated with anti-fog on both sides

9301-905 - coated with anti-fog inside and anti-scratch outside

9301-045 - coated with shade 5 gas welding filter and supravision HC/AF

Benefits overview

  • Soft face and nose cushioning enables totally airtight and pressure-free fit.
  • Exceptional wearer comfort guaranteed by unrivalled design.
  • Broad and fully adjustable headband.
  • Sophisticated ventilation system (excl. gastight version).
  • Optional anti-fog lens.
  • Easily replaceable lens.
  • Special versions are available featuring additional comfort cushioning, flame-retarding PVC in signal red, gastight versions, faceguard model, welding model (welding shade 5)
  • Lens material Acetate or Polycarbonate (PC)

Uvex Sonic Goggle

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