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Gotcha™ Shark Rescue Kit GOTCHA-SHARK-0

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Gotcha™ Shark Rescue Kit

The Gotcha™ Shark kit is designed for

industrial climbers. The kit comes complete with an anchor sling capable of attaching to a wide range of structures and all terminations are sewn for security. There is an integral rope protector that can be set at any required location and the descent device allows the user to control their own rate or stop as required. In use, the rescuer attaches to one attachment, descends to the casualty, attaches them to the second attachment and cuts the casualty free using the unique bladeless cutter.

The kit is designed for loads up to 300kg, so
when used for two persons still retains excellent levels of control.

This kit is commonly used by those working on structures such as towers or pylons where safe egress at the base is guaranteed.

Kit Contains
–  Gotcha™ rope rider descender

–  Rope sever wire cutter

–  100m Australian Standards rescue rope

–  Attachment sling

–  Karabiners

–  Back pack gear bag

GOTCHA Original Rescue Kit


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